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Sick and tired of all the pain and suffering that we inflict on each other? On a planet full of despair, there are very few left who are willing to step up and say, “Enough!”

But an ordinary man has decided to change all of that, and his message will change the world.

Burt Goldman’s goal is to raise the consciousness of 1 million people over the next year by sharing the experiences of his prolific life as a disciple of yoga, and as a protege of a leading parapsychologist.

Can you imagine? He’s become an award winning photographer, a painter, an album releasing singer, and he’s in the best of health-and he’s EIGHTY YEARS OLD.

Now through the power of the internet, he will be delivering his message to the planet for free-as 7 lessons from Burt Goldman, the American Monk.

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The American Monk


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